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Books I have 'on the go' at the moment. I will read anything, fiction, non-fiction, shampoo directions ... 


by Yuval Noah Harari

A short break from fiction while I prepare to start the literature module of my degree. This book is proving to be an interesting, if somewhat provocative look at the questions surrounding the origin (and development) or our species, Homo Sapiens. What is most interesting is what sets us apart from previous species of human ... Fiction.

House of Leaves

by Mark Z. Danielewski

This book is too big a deal to rush, so I am taking my time.

The story of 'The Navidson Record' and the found-text (and video) about a house that's several inches bigger inside than outside.


This book is an experience. 

Happy Endings Not Guaranteed

by Liam Hogan

An excellent collection of short fiction in and around the fantasy genre.


I loved this. It was a pleasure to read, and a shame it didn't have more stories. I will be keeping tabs on this author and his work.