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BIO ... (with links)

While working on my first novel, I've discovered that it's often like trying to capture details from a post-waking dream. A vague idea, a conversation, a moment of action, a single word.

Then nothing for days.

Other times I can see it with such clarity that it hurts to look directly at it, which is a great excuse and I am sticking to it.​


I also work full-time in data management while studying English Literature & Creative Writing. 


Short Fiction and Poetry are my preferred forms, but I'm still finding rich and beautiful experiences left in the 'real' world, so non-fiction projects and my blog allow me to cover some of that. 

​I exchange critiques with fellow writers as part of the online community at - If you are interested in learning more about that, check the blog post about it, here.


If you are not part of this community but would like your work beta-read, then please contact me via the link here, or find me on Twitter.

Among many things, I'm a fan of bleak storytelling, cinematic music, and post-apocalyptic survival discussion. 

I'm fiercely loyal, an occasional grudge harbourer, and a seasoned devil's advocate. ​Myers-Briggs calls all that 'INTJ-A'.

I've been called 'the politest guy on twitter.' ... Twice, and others have said my writing stands a good chance of being "up there with the best," although they didn't specify who the best was, so I could chop off their heads and consume their soul energy.

Now that I think about it, it was barely a compliment at all.

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